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Ragalon Ragdolls currently have some BEAUTIFUL breeding queens as well as some MAGNIFICENT stud males and a couple of other young future queens and studs. Although they usally spend most of the day in their ENORMOUS outdoor run, they are ALL family pets and their kittens are raised indoors with our children - helping to enhance their docile and friendly temperament. We prepare and show our young cats to confirm they are quality ragdolls before we let them into our breeding program.

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Origins of the Ragdoll breed are believed to have started around 1965 with a white Persian Angora cat named "Josephine". Her kittens grew very large, had a remarkable temperament, non-matting fur and the most beautiful blue eyes.

Josephines owner selected the best of these and started a breeding program using a carefully chosen Birman stud male. Special line breeding techniques followed to form the now recognised Ragdoll breed.


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Ragdolls are born entirely white and take three weeks for their true colour to appear. They are homozygous for blue eye colour, so ALL Ragdolls have this trait. Pure bred Ragdolls are mainly recognised in one of three patterns and four standard colours.

Ragdolls do not fully develop until about 3 or 4 years old. Although large and solid cats, they have a very special temperament. Usually quite docile, they are normally non-fighters, intelligent, extremely loving, and have the ability to completely relax at almost any time - hence the name "Ragdoll".

They often go limp in your arms and enjoy being held on their back like a baby. Their fur (not really hair) is much like a rabbit, virtually non-matting and very soft. They are extremely devoted, easily trained and love to play games with their owners and each other.

In short, they are more like a companion.


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