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Page UPDATED on 21st May,  2024,

These are out Last Avaliable Kittens for 2024




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We have Kittens born, any Available kittens will be posted to my fb Page and/or photos will be on the Kitten Page with Available on them.

  Available Kittens can be chosen from photos I post with Available on them on my webpage here or my Fb page, link above.





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Very outgoing and friendly kittens, will fit into a home very easily





Ragalon Koala (Blue Mitted Female)

Very unique Markings (PET)



Ragalon Marilyn Monroe (Blue Bi-color Tabby Female)(PET)



Ragalon Enchanto (Blue Bi-color Male)(PET)



Ragalon Creme de Menthe (Cream Tabby Bi-color Male)(PET)



Ragalon Over the Rainbow (Blue Cream Tortie Tabby Bi-color Female)



Ragalon Lilac Frost (Lilac Bi-color Tabby Male) Show



Ragalon Star (Blue Bi-color Tabby Male) Show





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 HEALTHY ADORABLE , VERY OUTGOING Kittens Includes Desexing, Microchipping, 2 Vaccinations, litter trained, litter registered with GCCFV, Individual Pedigree GCCFV, 6 weeks pet plan insurance, Health Guarantee,  Vet Health Check.   Send email to pam@ragalonragdolls.com or see more information on my fb page. Ragalon Ragdolls.



















 If you would like a second ragdoll for desexing, vaccination and microchipping, please email me and/or check the Retiree page.



All breeding stock are blood tested when acquired,
then retested after 3 months of quarantine

We test our cats for the Genetic diseases PKD and HCM


  Link to find out more about what these diseases  HCMhttp://www.animalsdna.com/feline/hcm/




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"We adopted Kitty when she was 5 years old, she turned 12 in April 09 and doesn't look any older than when she came to live with us. She is still very active and runs around like a two year old, most evenings she has a serge of energy usually between 9-10pm racing from one room to another untill she finally settles with me in the bed. Our 5 grandchildren just adore her, she is nursed and cuddled from daylight to dark when they are visiting, she never complains, when she has had enough she quietly finds a safe haven when the opportunity arises. Her beautiful placid nature makes her a delightful addition to our family. Her only need is to be fed, loved, and to be as close as she can to us all day."




(on his arrival at Boston - USA)
Hey Pam, our boy arrived and like you said, he is GORGEOUS and SO happy!! He purred all the way home and he's such a love...  Just delightful. ;)  The cargo people were in love!  I cannot get over how beautiful he is and I have had quite a few kittens...  He's like a "teddy bear!"  Wanted you to know he is safe and we are thrilled.....
Jann and Kevin - Boston - USA

"Right from our first phone call with Ragalon, Pam's caring and professional approach to breeding healthy Ragdolls and placing them in loving homes was a stand out. After our last Ragdoll was taken from us by HCM late last year, we discovered that there are DNA tests available to check for this condition and so went on the hunt to find a breeder who was prepared to perform these tests on their kittens. Ragalon Ragdolls were the only breeders we contacted in Australia that were happy to organise and perform these tests on their kittens for us, which they passed with flying colours. Pam's communication throughout the ordering and delivery process meant that, to our absolute delight, we were regularly provided with kitten updates and photos via the Ragalon Kitten page prior to their delivery. We also highly commend how Ragalon places ex breeders with new kittens - we consider ourselves so fortunate to have not one but two gorgeous bundles of fluff. Our two Ragalon Ragdolls are happy and joyful, healthy little bundles and we would highly recommend Pam's work to anyone looking to add a Raggie to their family."

Maree Stephenson
"Pancake" and "Patches"

FAQ: What is the difference in temperament between the male and female kittens. 

Generally Vets and I would both agree that male kittens are friendlier, seek more attention and cuddles, girls are just that bit more independant.  Of course each kitten comes with  its own special personality. 

I was heartbroken when I lost my buddy Arnie and couldn't imagine having another cat as he had been such a wonderful companion.  A few friends mentioned ragdolls to me as they had all the character traits that I loved about Arnie - in particular, very affectionate and obedient.  I'd never had a pedigree cat before but I contacted Pam via her website and couldn't be more pleased with the new love of my life, Jonty.   Pam was wonderful - providing me with regular photos and updates from the day he was born right up until the day he arrived at his new home.  My adorable Jonty arrived so healthy, well trained and socialized, it was like he had lived with me for months.  He has a wonderful personality and from day one, he as been my little shadow - following me around the house and playing and cuddling for hours.  I am now an official ragdoll fanatic and would highly recommend Ragalon to anyone - even 'non-cat' people because it's impossible not to fall instantly in love with them. 

Susan - Sydney




Pure Bred Ragdoll Kittens are available from 12 weeks of age within Victoria, 3 calendar months  interstate. 


* Includes Individual Pedigree GCCFV ,


*Pedigree,* 2 Vaccinations ,*Desexing* Vet Checked, *Microchip,* Diet Chart,**Pet Plan Insurance*Litter Trained, RevolutionFlea/Worming  Treatment


 Kitten Pack , Health Guarantee ( see bottom of page for full details),




       Pet Kittens  in seal, blue, Lilac and chocolate mitted or pointed ( we do not breed many pointed kittens) 
Pet Bi Color Kittens in blue, lilac, seal or chocolate .
Kittens in mitted for pet and  
Bi color start  from $2,000 for pet ( mismarked)  or Show/Breed please send an email for price.
We specialise in the Bi Color Ragdoll, we have very few pointed kittens for sale,
 mainly bi color or mitted in all colors,  Seal or Blue, Lilac or Chocolate, Red or Cream, Tortie, Tabby and Torbies. 
For really up to date information please see our Ragalon Ragdolls FB page







If an animal is unacceptable to a new owner because of health, or other reasons that are supported by a statement from a veterinarian, within seven days of purchase, the establishment must take the animal back and refund all monies or offer a replacement animal of the same breed and comparable quality with the same guarantee. If an animal is returned within three days for any other reason, the establishment will refund 75% of the purchase price or offer a replacement animal with the same guarantee. If the animal dies or is euthanased from a disease that is traceable to the point of sale, the establishment must refund the purchase price or offer a replacement animal with the same guarantee.

Bass Coast Shire - Domestic Animals Act 1994
Certificate of Registration DAB-BE-12-13-09


If you would like to place an order for a ragdoll kitten  please 
email Pam preferred contact  or Phone 0400 253 465   


Kittens purchased as pets will be available at about  12  weeks of age  They will be desexed, microchipped,fully  vaccinated   and wormed , with flea treatment ( Revolution applied), all kittens litter registered and comes with individual pedigree.  

All kittens leave Ragalon Ragdolls on the understanding that they are INDOOR cats

PRICE: Kittens for showing OR Breeding are quoted on an individual basis.  Kittens required for overseas are priced on an individual basis (please contact Pam )

The deposit is non-refundable    

For further information, please contact Ragalon Ragdolls

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